Hannah Arendt and Digital Thinking

I’ve recently read Hannah Arendt’s The Origins of Totalitarianism. It was a bestselling title on Amazon in 2017, a fact attributed to Trump’s election. But as the book makes clear totalitarian politics has no single or clear origin. No one event or act can be said to synthesise totalitarian politics. The Soviet Union and Third Reich were Frankenstein-like political systems. They were composites of imperialist, authoritarian and nationalist political ideas organised as mob violence. Violence is the essence of totalitarianism for Arendt. The value and utility of all other activities of political and social life are determined by their contribution to this goal. Violence becomes the end goal in a totalitarian system.

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Invitation to R&D Meeting Archiving the Choreographic Machine: Sensuous Geographies

‘Archiving the Choreographic Machine: Sensuous Geographies’ is an interdisciplinary project investigating the medium of VR as a performance documentation tool. The project team Professor Sarah Rubidge, Dr Lyn Robinson and Dr Joseph Dunne-Howrie have organised the meeting to discuss the technical requirements of producing a VR version of Sensuous Geographies,a choreosonic installation devised by choreographer Sarah Rubidge and composer Alistair Macdonald. We are also looking for partners who possess the relevant technical and artistic expertise in producing a VR prototype performance document. It is hoped that the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss potential collaborations, but rest assured attendance will not be considered as an agreement to partner with us.

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Research for Operation Black Antler Project

I’m currently researching identity and the far right for a project I’ll (hopefully) be starting soon on Blast Theory and Hydrocracker’s piece  ‘Operation Black Antler‘. I just finished ‘The Road to Somewhere’ by David Goodhart and am now 60 pages into ‘The Strange Death of Europe’ by Douglas Murray. The focus of both books is quite different (Murray’s is explicitly cultural, whilst Goodhart takes a more analytical approach based on pollling), but the argument that racism – pure, unadulterated hatred for people of colour – does not exist is a common thread in both books.

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