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Reflections on the Stories of Solitude: Performance, Technology and Digital Overload Conference

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This event was part of York Mediale, a new UK festival bringing together artists and technologist. Part celebration, part investigation, part space to question the ethical, social, political, economic and personal implications of digital culture, it is an exciting initiative with significant relevance for Library & Information Science.

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Reflective Essay on the Fluid Ecologies Project


I undertook the Fluid Ecologies project with Tracing the Pathway in May and June 2015. For five days we were artists in residence at the LAPSody Festival at the Theatre Academy University of the Arts in Helsinki. Shortly afterwards we travelled to Nuuk, Greenland, to take part in the PSi conference Fluid States North: Performances of Unknowing. This is a reflective essay I wrote soon after I arrived back in the UK.

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If you enjoy nostalgia then find an old hard drive and get digging. I found this 2014 piece today. It’s a very early sketch of the Voices from the Village audio-walk I wrote for my PhD. I’d forgotten I’d written it. Apart from shamelessly ripping off JG Ballard, I’m pleased to see its an early attempt to fuse the critical and creative voices we all use in practice research projects . Ifind the present tense captures the experience of field research really well, which I use in my  Good Night, Sleep Tight (Remix) article. Anyway, enjoy!

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