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Vade Mecum at Rose Bruford College

I teach a performative writing class on Rose Bruford’s MA in Actor and Performer Training. The activity of writing is considered performative in it’s capacity to create worlds out of language.  The students are tasked with creating a Vade Mecum (latin for ‘Go With Me’) as part of their final submission. Teaching this module has given me the chance to reflect on how documenting classroom activities need not be a perfunctory exercise or Continue reading “Vade Mecum at Rose Bruford College”

The Domesticated Survival Play

Ella Road’s The Phlebotomist (currently playing at Hampstead Theatre) is part of a growing trend of plays dealing with surviving the everyday.  It has thematic resonances with Mike Bartlett’s Game, Philip Ridley’s Radiant Vermin and Lucy Kirkwood’s The Children, all plays that put the desperate desire to create a stable home in conflict with the responsibilities we have to  future generations. Continue reading “The Domesticated Survival Play”

Reflections on the Cities, Embodiments and Culture Conference

This post was originally published on the CityLIS Blog

The University of Malta’s fifth annual School of Performing Arts Conference was held on 7th-9th March. The title of this year’s conference was Cities, Embodiments and Technologies. The conference sought to generate debate on the how the relationship between performance (in its broadest sense) and culture can be articulated. Cities, Embodiments and Technologies were Continue reading “Reflections on the Cities, Embodiments and Culture Conference”

Where have all the theatre critics gone?

I’m part of a dying breed – or part of an elite, it’s hard to tell these days – in that I subscribe to the New Statesman. Save for the ubiquitous adverts for wine and umbrellas it’s a really great publication. It contains some of the best criticism available. Some of the long form essays by critics such as John Gray and Rowan Williams are divine. But I’ve noticed in recent months that Helen Lewis is now doubling as it’s theatre critic. And this is a problem. Continue reading “Where have all the theatre critics gone?”

Network at the National Theatre

This post originally appeared on the CityLIS blog

Paddy Chayefsky’s 1976 movie Network has been adapted for the stage by playwright Lee Hall. Network tells the story of Howard Beale, a middle of the road,  middle aged, going nowhere fast American news anchor on the UBS network. One day he announces live on air that he will kill himself on his last broadcast. Howard explains that he has a deficit of bullshit in his life: Continue reading “Network at the National Theatre”